If I told you I was going to GIVE you $225 what would you say? First you wouldn’t believe me. Then you might ask me what you would have to do for it. I would tell you that you would have to spend some time downloading an Online casino, install it, and put a $75 deposit into your account. I would tell you to do this three times. Each online casino will match your $75 deposit with a $75 bonus. So? How do you get that money out of your account? By playing Blackjack, that’s how!

Many of you already know how to play Blackjack perfectly by using Basic Strategy. Some of you don’t know Basic Strategy, but would still like to get this kind of money. At the end of this web page there are flash cards that you can use to teach yourself Basic Strategy. I would also learn Basic Strategy by clicking HERE. Print the page off and learn it’s contents. Remember, I am paying you to do this!

So you’ve downloaded the of the best online casinos in Australian and want to become a money player. Fill out the information and you will be given a Australian player number. It will be emailed to you, but I write it down on a sheet of lined paper along with my password. Then I go to the cashier and make my AU$75 deposit. Sometimes you have to wait a day for the online casino to add their AU$75. Some online casinos require you to bet your AU$75 first, then add the AU$75. Click the Blackjack game and you will see a table like this one.


As you can see the online casino wants you to make foolish plays, like hitting a 14 against a 3 up. This guy got lucky this time. You will see buttons with + and – on them to change the size of your bets. Click the – until your bet is $2. If the online casino wants you to give them $75 worth of action before they give you the bonus, play a bunch of $2 hands until you reach the $75 limit. I write down on a ledger each bet, and if I doubled or split. Most read 2W or 2L for win or loss, 2P for a push. Some are 2BJ. Others are SP 4W or DBL 4L. When you get to $75, I would keep playing until I lose a hand, then quit. You may end up with $60 in your account, or $90. Don’t worry about this at this point.

The casino also keeps track of each bet you make, and that is how they know if you have given them enough action to give you your bonus. The system they use is called Playcheck. If you go in and check your bets they will tally up perfectly to what you have in your ledger. It may take a day to be updated, but it will be correct. They also have Cashcheck, and you can look at each transaction you make at the casino. It tells you the date you made your purchase and take out your purchase and bonus money. You can’t find this type of security unless you are playing Microgaming sites. Microgaming also uses PriceWaterHouseCoopers to audit the payout from their games to make sure there are no mistakes being made with the money or the games!

If you didn’t have to play before getting the $75 added, you probably waited a day, went back online to see $150 in your account. In this case give them at least $150 in action at $2 each hand. If I am up to $154 I play a $4 hand and keep doing so unless I drop back down to $150. This puts in the number of required bets quicker and about 50% of the time increase your winnings towards $200 and higher. Don’t lose your cool with this. Sure you can lose until you have $75 in your account, but then you have wasted your time. Pretend that the full $150 is yours, because that is the least we are aiming for. Once I have my $150 play in, I keep going until I lose a hand then quit. I may have $200 and play until I have $190 or $210, but I always set a limit and stick to it.

Cashcheck and Playcheck are good indications of what the casino system is capable off. This also means it is looking for people who make a deposit, get a bonus, play the minimum amount of hands and then take their deposit and bonus and leave. WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. All Microgaming sites probably share this information, so we want to remain a welcomed guest and get at as many of these bonuses as possible.

What I would suggest is to leave your deposit with the online casino for two weeks, then go back and take it out. When you go back, go back to play a bit with the money. Let’s say I have $160, I might play until I have $150 or $170, then I take my DEPOSIT out, and leave the bonus there. You will get email telling you about this transaction in the next day or two. I will come back a week later to play again with the bonus money in the same fashion, then take that out, again getting email about the transaction. In a week or two I will get a check in the mail for the bonus money. I remember the first time I did this and waited for the check to come wondering if they would send one. I haven’t missed one yet, and there have been many of them recently.

When this place first opened they offered a $100 bonus for a $100 deposit. This was the first big bonus I went after, starting out with much smaller deposits and bonuses. Shortly after that I was invited to the sister site Royal Vegas which offered the same $100/$100 deal. Again, I gave them the action and took the cash off them.

Last but not least the Vegas Palms opened up with a $75/$75 bonus, which the other sites had also switched to. It makes sense to drop the bonus amount to get people using all three sites instead of just one or two. It really doesn’t matter which one you play at first. The game is identical. The only thing that is different is the look of the Blackjack table and the look of the cards.

In fact, every Microgaming site offers the same game. You can use these following flash cards as a chart for making play decisions for this game. Because the dealer doesn’t draw a hole card and check for Blackjack, we don’t double A or 10 vs. an A or 10 up. Split 8s against 2-9 not everything, and split As from a dealer 10 down. If you count cards and use the Hi – Low or Hi Opt I, or any other single level count, you can use the indices cards for play decisions. For example, the dealer is showing a 3 and you have a 5,3, and draw a 4 for a hand of 12: DON’T HIT. Normally you would hit until you had 13, but the rules change for this when the deck is +3 (3 more of the 2 3 4 5 6 cards than 10s and As). Using these cards will almost wipe out the casino edge. Is you want to learn more about counting cards at the casino, ream more at Casinos61.com.